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t-shirt preflat testers needed

I'm trying something new! These preflats will be made of 100% cotton upcycled t-shirts! They are three layers (9 in the wetzone when folded) and come with two TENCEL fleece boosters each made of two layers. Since these are testers, the colors will be my choice depending on what colors I have.

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who I am

I am a stay-at-home mom to six beautiful children, and have cloth diapered all of them. I love to sew, and I created sew little cloth to support my love of sewing, color, and creating. I also have a background in pediatric occupational therapy and love to support each individual where are at in their journey (parents and kids alike!)


my start

how I started

The start of the pandemic changed us all, and I looked to things I was doing every day to see how those things could bring me joy. I started dyeing and sewing cloth diapers just for me, but quickly realized my son had enough diapers! I learned that in order to sell I needed to be compliant, and worked hard educating myself on how to do just that. My husband has been wonderful with diapering as well as supporting my business. (He convinced me to do cloth when our 10 year old was little by offering to be in charge of washing!) I currently have two still in cloth, and want to not only offer beautiful products but cloth diapering education and support for each of your journeys.


giving back

Throughout various aspects of my life, I have been incredibility blessed. Cloth diapering has been a huge blessing for me, and I work very hard to give back to my community where I can. For every $300 of products purchased, I donate one diaper to Diapers from Jesus.



Since cloth diapers are a child's product, there are regulations by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in place to make sure products meet safety standards. I am a fully compliant shop and rely on third party testing for my products as I am a small batch manufacturer.

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