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*updated January 2024*

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    tail fin flats
    These diapers are hand-dyed by me in the colors of your choosing, resulting in a one-of-a-kind tail fin flat (tff)! These tail fin flats are unique in that they have customizable wings to put absorbency where you need it most. They come with a three layer booster, which can be sewn into the front of the diaper or left unattached. Secure with a snappi or pins and pair with your favorite cover. Size is based off of your baby's measurements.
    infant--rise 13", wings 23"
    one size--rise 15", wings 30"
    tot small--rise 17", wings 30"
    tot medium--rise 19", wings 32"
    **extended wings available upon request**

     Design modified with permission from Briana Thomas-Whalen.


    These thirsty fitteds are available in one size (from 10 lbs to 35-50+ lbs), tot small (from 18/20 lbs to 65+ lbs), or tot medium (one inch wider through the crotch and 2-3" longer rise) and are comfort serged around the legs! The fit will vary depending on the build of your baby.

    They are made with four layers of bamboo cotton in the shell. It comes with a TENCEL fleece trifold and bamboo hemp booster. Both trifold and booster snap in.
    Fold over rise snaps are available upon request.
    These will require pins or a snappi for closure and need to be paired with a cover to be waterproof.
    Pattern is modified from Rocket Bottoms.


    wool covers

    Both sides of these covers are fully finished, so feel free to reverse them and enjoy both sides! They are upcycled from 100% wool sweaters which means they are very stretchy and make great covers for overnights. Colors available will vary based on what I currently have on hand. Please select color preferences when ordering. Size is based on your baby's measurements.

    **If you don't have a tape measure, you can measure with a piece of string or ribbon and then lay out on a ruler. You could also estimate with the side of a standard sheet of paper (8 1/2" x 11") if you don't have a ruler**

    small--rise 15", waist 13"-15", thigh 7"-8"
    medium--rise 17", waist 15"-17", thigh 9"-10"
    large--rise 19", waist 17"-19", thigh 10"-11"
    tot small--rise 20.5", waist 19"-20.5", thigh 11"-13"
    tot medium--rise 22", waist 20"-22.5", thigh 12"-13"
    tot large--rise 23.5", waist 22"-24.5", thigh 13"-14"